As we're brought back to our original condition of being present on this Earth, have we forgotten about the link that brings us together?

One thing, however, has become clear: our essentials. Our priorities have changed. 

Industry is taking the lead in this “creative evolution.” Rooted in a base identified as common and well-anchored to Mother Earth, we put meaning and connection back at the heart of our projects. 

The formulas are simple and delicate... perfectly optimized and universal.

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Pure Crystal Cream 2456-1.03


A minimalist formula containing liquid crystals thanks to its carefully developed composition, this cream has a unique sensoriality provided by its stable structure, obtained without any gelling agents: slightly translucent and very shiny, with a fresh and a mattifying effect upon application.


Note that its manufacturing process is very simple and fast (one-pot), and requires low energy
(single phase heating, slow stirring).

Pure Crystal cream.png

Silky Putty 2524-2.01


It is an innovative formula that looks like modeling clay and that can be used as a patch on fine lines and wrinkles.

Use a pea-sized ball and spread it on the desired area after wetting. Leave it for 10-15 min, remove the patch and gently massage the area to let the rest of the product penetrate and firm the skin.


Silky Putty.png

Hair & Scalp Mud Mask 2441-1.03

This mask purifies and detoxifies the hair and scalp thanks to the clay, while remaining comfortable thanks to its emulsified texture which rinses easily. Apply on the scalp and lengths, leave on for 10 min, rinse then proceed to shampoo. For very dry, frizzy hair, use after shampoo.

Hair & Scalp Mud Mask.png

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