A tool to enhance imagination, creativity, and innovation.

A tool to discover sensorial experiences through innovative cosmetic textures.

A tool to learn more about Gattefossé’s ingredients,  used outside of their comfort zone.

A tool to dive into a set of topics, renewed every year, somewhere between trends or real inspiration, highlighting different kinds of creativity.

Follow your bliss.png

Like a need to take a deep breath, like a visceral urge to get back to basics to fight melancholy dreaming of yesterday's utopias and welcome the possibilities of tomorrow, "Follow your bliss" is the name of the new collection of INSPIRATION formulas.

This collection, composed of two themes, "Coming Into Bloom" and "Taking Root," praises an idealized, awakened, and embellished nature, essential for our physical and mental balance on Earth. Between resilience and euphoria, hope and joy, the cosmetics of tomorrow will be ethical, clean and transparent, eco-designed but also amusing, innovative and desirable.

"Follow your bliss"

and see that the possibilities are endless.